Robo Rabbit Vibrator

Robo Rabbit Vibrator
Robo Rabbit Vibrator Robo Rabbit Vibrator

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Natural penis exciter, firm and textured, in the shape of a real penis, this vaginal exciter is designed to give the maximum in pleasure, filling you with deep, satisfying vibrations and real plunging power. Rotating balls of ecstasy within the penis shaft is a core of beautiful balls, which rotate deep inside the vagina. This erotic sensations, along with added vibrations and clitoral stimulation heightens every orgasm. Fluttering rabbit ears, the playful rabbit has ears which flutter and tease the clitoris, helping you to achieve the most intense orgasm you could ever imagine.

Size: 7 Inches
Color: Purple
Flexibility: Firm
Controller: Built In
Diameter: 1.5 Inches
Designed for: Women
Brand: Nasswalk Toys

Price:  £86.15  £68.92


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